Essay on Is Respect A Simple Act?

Essay on Is Respect A Simple Act?

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91. Show Respect - This is such a simple act but one that is often overlooked, but it is the most important to making or breaking success in life. Some people feel they don 't need to respect anyone but want others to give them unconditional respect. The world doesn’t work like that because you have to give to receive. Start respecting more people and you will get more positive responses from them.

92. Try To Understand People Better - Understanding people better will keep you from judging them and see things from their perspectives. Sometimes people do things we are not familiar with that makes us feel insecure but if we were to see things from their points of views we would understand them better.

93. Create A List - Creating a list of things that need to be done puts them into perspective. This limits worrying about having too much on your plate. This can also help you keep up with appointments, so use a calendar app or a journal to keep track of important responsibilities that need to be completed.

Outdoor Activities

94. Hiking - Strap on those boots and head out into the wilderness to connect with mother nature and its health benefits. Hiking is known to lower the risk of heart attack, build strength in bones, and increase your stamina for the love of the great outdoors. Take a hike through the woods and see if it doesn’t change your perspective about the world. Also, make sure you bring enough water!

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...dest people living on this planet. By following these tips you will grow old with grace.

but it is a good example
saayou want to make sure you link to an article dedicated to that tip
for example, if you are writing about drinking wine, then you want to link to an article such as "how scientist find out drinking wine is good for your health" something like that

in your 50 words, you want to include 2 info: 1. why drinking water is good for health. 2. how to drink water (when, how much, etc)

ok, make sure you link to some scientist proof or other resource to support that point

Hi Tone, another tip for you

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