The Importance Of Respect

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From a young age we are all taught or have heard of the “Golden Rule”, which is to treat others the way you want to be treated. This rule is not set in stone, but rather is unspoken universally among all people. What would the world be like if everyone treated everyone else badly, or put them down, or did not give them respect? It would not be an ideal world, but that is why we as humans strive each and every day to better ourselves and to treat our fellow people with the same level of respect and kindness that we think we deserve. By doing this, the hopeful outcome will be that they will wish to better themselves and pay it forward.
To receive respect from others, it is always best to give respect first. Respecting your peers and people above you is an important trait to have in the work place especially, because without it, a cooperative and peaceful environment is not possible. If everyone gave each other respect, there would be few problems and things would run smoothly, but the world is not perfect and everyone is only human. People do not work well together if some type of respect is not established. Jobs don’t get finished, or if they do, they are not finished well and in a timely manner. Of course, it is still possible to work with others without respect, but not alongside them.
Respect can be earned in more ways than one. Some are quick to respect, meaning that automatically, respect is given and no questions are asked. While this is often expected of employees in a work place, it is sometimes not easy for new employees to adapt. Being raised in an environment where respect might not have been a much-harped-on characteristic, it can be difficult for people to automatically respect their bosses or people that have been wo...

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...f respect you wish to have, you will hopefully receive it in return.
The golden rule is something that I believe all people should follow. It can go for anything and not just for respect. I know that I am not perfect and do not always do so myself, but I strive to every day and believe others should do the same. By doing so it will reflect well upon others and encourage them to be better people as well. It will create a cooperative work environment and through that can make anything more effective and time efficient. The world will never be perfect and neither will people because we are only human beings because we make mistakes. The best we can do is forgive people for their mistakes and respect them just as we did before. If that respect is taken away, it is hard to receive again. If we treat others the way we wish to be treated, the same will be done in return.
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