Essay on Is It Boredom or Depression?

Essay on Is It Boredom or Depression?

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Imagine for a moment, that while sitting in class it becomes near impossible to concentrate. The mind begins to wander and is incapable of even noticing the professor is speaking. We have all experienced similar disinterest, but what happens when the feeling lingers for long periods of time? Often we simply pass off our behavior as boredom in an attempt to convince ourselves that nothing is wrong. Melancholy and attention deficit are common, however, when the behaviors begin to control our lives we must determine the severity of our emotions. While a temporary lack of interest is normal and most likely boredom, a continuous state of indifference could be depression. Deciphering the difference between boredom and depression is crucial to our well-being because of depression’s impact on our relationships, job performance and physical health.
First, in order to be able to successfully determine the difference between boredom and depression, we must understand boredom and how to recognize it. Boredom is an emotional state where a person maintains control of their thinking but their minds do not allow their bodies to respond (Difference Between). Boredom is caused by many different factors in our lives. Although boredom is more commonly experienced by younger people, adults are not immune to the emotional state. Boredom is considered to be a product of modernity. Prior to our technology driven society, boredom was not a condition much suffered from. As a result of our dependence on outward stimuli, we now suffer from boredom because of our inability to create internal stimuli. In addition, we must ensure our basic needs are met. Are we receiving adequate sleep, proper nutrition and sense of security? If these basic needs are not met o...

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...e not only jeopardizing our mental health but also our lives. It is imperative that we gain the ability to determine the differences between boredom and depression because of depression’s detrimental impact on our relationships, job performances, and physical health.

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