Is It A Serious Problem? Essay

Is It A Serious Problem? Essay

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Being cyberbullied is a reality that mostly teens and young adults of today have to face but it can happen to anyone at any age, with many suffering from it but not speaking up about it. If not dealt with properly it can lead to numerous mental health problems and in extreme cases even suicide of the victim or others being injured. Thus becoming a serious problem that needs more attention by adults, media, and schools alike. With the advancement in technology and social media becoming a bigger part of these teens lives everyone needs to be educated on a subject like this from young to old. In a quote by Chris McComas, father of Grace McComas, a teen who had committed suicide, posted “No longer does a bully say something nasty in the schoolyard and the child goes home to his sanctuary. Instead, [cyberbullying] is pervasive and invasive. . . It is gossip and hatred at the speed of electronic media, as close as their cell phone or computer screen.” on his page on facebook which is very accurate with what is happening today. The cyberbullies of today are way worse than regular schoolyard bullies and way more vulgar and aggressive because they can say things on the internet that they would not say in real life. A cyberbully can target a victim anytime and anywhere with a wider audience than they would get from school. With cyberbullies there is no safe place for the victims to hide anymore the trauma of being cyberbullied can be astronomical. The impacts of a victim being harassed on social media can vary and people respond to them in various different methods. The teens that get cyber bullied can suffer from problems like anxiety, depression, loneliness, unhappiness, behavioural change, aggressiveness, weight gain or loss, self-harm,...

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... egg them on and encourages them to keep going because they know it is hurting them and they are trying to defend themselves. Recording every instance that a cyber bully harasses you makes it easier to identify what went on and who the bully was. By reaching out and talking to a teacher, administrator, counselor, authority figure, friends, or a parent it helps the victim by receiving the support that they need when feeling down, the victim does not need to suffer alone and the teen can not do it themselves. By reaching out to school officials there may be laws and school rules that may help the victim get through the bullying. Cutting all ties with the bully is also a very important step when being cyber bullying, the victim has to delete or block the bullies number, as well as to block them on all types of social media and not even open any messages from this person.

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