Cyber Bullying: The Effects Of Cyberbullying

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The Effects of Cyberbullying The impact of cyberbullying is far grater then just name calling, for can causes stress, depression, and poor academic performance. Cyberbullying has become such a world wide outbreak to the public, to stop and to help prevent others from being bullied. People don 't seem to understand how much it hurts to be bullied till it has happened to themselves. With such vast technology now and days, people have a tremendous amount of access to torment someone. Unlike normal bullying at school, cyberbullying follows oneself everywhere, and there is no real way to escape it. Admittedly, cyberbullying can raise someones stress levels in a numerous number of ways. First, there is psychological stress: hence, the person who…show more content…
There can be health complaints, crying so much that the individual get themselves ill. They tend to be under medications to help deal with depression and there can be side effects. In addition, change in sleep and eating patterns arise. He or she can be sleeping too little, viewing on their phones or computers what people are writing and posting about them; however, they can also be sleeping too much to avoid the problem which also is a bad thing. Pursuing things further, suicidal thoughts or actions do cross one 's mind or suddenly becomes real. They feel as if it is a better idea to be dead than to carry on and be tormented any longer, that it will never end. They also tend to feel unwanted and…show more content…
The kids start skipping class, to avoid interactions with bullies. They also skip class to avoid the problem at hand. Starts receiving poor grades; hence, focusing on what is being said to them and about them on the internet, email, text messages, etc. A person tends to have a low self-esteem because of the false-accusations and the humiliation. Peers can join in or hear the rumors, and the people who were once a friend or even kind are now judging or staring and only joining in on the bullying. Not knowing how it is affecting them inside or how they can be hurting themselves. For what that one person said can just make them crack and not knowing that because of those words he or she is thinking or attempting to take their own

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