Essay about Is Infidelity A Cause Or A Consequence Of Poor Marital Quality?

Essay about Is Infidelity A Cause Or A Consequence Of Poor Marital Quality?

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Previti, D., & Amato, P. R. (2004). Is infidelity a cause or a consequence of poor marital

quality? Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 21(2), 217-230. doi:


Kelly A. McBride
PSY 3400

Marriages, they often say at the start, are often referred to as a state of, “pure wedded bliss.” The responsibility of cultivating and developing this vow is held in the hands and hearts of the two people that have agreed to the promise of “til death do us part.” Marriages go through periods of ups and downs, and some come to an end due to a number of reasons. One of those reasons is the incidence of infidelity. Very few marriages can actually endure the liability, pain and breach of trust of the throes of infidelity.
In an article titled “Is infidelity a cause or a consequence of poor marital quality?” by Dennis Previti and Paul Amato, the authors sought to research a probable cause and/or effect of deteriorations in marriages - infidelity. This particular study was taken on by Previti and Amato in order explore the inquiry as to whether or not extramarital sex is a cause or a consequence of both marital stability and the incidence of divorce. The primary purpose of this study conducted by Previti and Amato was to find answers as to what causes infidelity and which factors may have the largest influence and effect on the instances of divorce.
A number of studies have shown that the state of a marriage, whether or good or unstable, is correlated with extramarital sex, but most of these studies have used cross-sectional data and could not explore the direction of influence between variables (Previti & Amato, 2004). One disadvantage of prior studies is that most have been cros...

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...nce of infidelity in marriage is comparable to that of dating unmarried couples.
This study was significant and highly important so that we may uncover the reasons why some marriages are more prone to the incidence of extramarital sex and ways to possibly prevent the occurrence of infidelity in marriage. The effects of infidelity are long lasting, and many marriages will never recover. By studying and unearthing the various contributing factors that lead to extramarital sex, we can begin the process of finding ways and methods to deter the incidence of infidelity as a factor in the breakdown, and eventual divorce.

Amato, Paul R., and Previti, Denise. 2004. “Is Infidelity a Cause or a Consenquence of Poor
Marital Quality?” Pp. 217-230 in Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, edited by Terri Orbch. University Park, PA: Sage.

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