Is Homework For Students ' Academic Achievement? How Much Homework Is Necessary?

Is Homework For Students ' Academic Achievement? How Much Homework Is Necessary?

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The topic of homework has throughout the years been frowned upon, laughed at, and even downplayed leading to the question if homework is beneficial or detrimental to students worldwide. Educators have conducted studies to show that these questions are not as simple to answer, but are quite complex. There are many factors that affect student success. Even though most parents and teachers agree that some homework is essential, problematic questions remain: Does homework actually increase students ' academic achievement? How much homework is necessary?

Education begins for several students from pre-kindergarten into college. Homework throughout these years has grown with the child, having the knowledge to engage the student with his or her teacher also allowing them to actively think and learn the given material. There are two exceptions that homework for children in elementary does not boost educational achievements let alone is not beneficial. The first exception refers to a student having trouble to complete a task. The second is when the student prepares for a test. For instance, students might read an assigned chapter of a book for an alotted time in order for the test the next day. Parents become a key reason to better their childs education, researchers have given insightful information foretelling that "homework is an especially good opportunity for parents to help young kids develop self-regulatory skills, by modeling study strategies and helping students set goals and make plans for completing homework (Patall, 2014)." This extra timing with the parents aid can be beneficial but more than that can be detrimental.

Children that receives parental encouragement and support are known to more likely realize a...

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...As children grow older, homework and the amount of time engaged in homework, increases in importance.(Goldstein & Zentall, 2008)." The importance of homework can construct the student to being motivated and less stressful. Homework that has been debated on for numerous years could in rationality construct the next doctor, lawyer, or teacher.

In conclusion homework is not just a consumption of beneficial material, but rather an encouragement to explore subjects beyond the classroom settings. Children that receive support and encouragement from the parent are more likely to realize their educational goals than a student that does not receive such support. However, to increase the students opportunity to learn more efficiently would be a recommendation of an increase amount of time to learn and expand the content, most importantly develop the content they receive.

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