Is College Really Worth The Cost? Essay

Is College Really Worth The Cost? Essay

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Higher Learning:
Is College Really Worth the Cost?
Modern society has placed a high value on our level of education, almost to the extent that a person cannot get a well-paying job without an Associate Degree at minimum. This level of education only allows us to get our foot in the door of many companies and only for a beginning position that may not be related to our field of study. However, there are also drawbacks of staying in school longer for higher degrees that could hurt a person’s chances of being hired and add large amounts of student loan debt with no idea of how and when they will be paid off. With many employment fields now demanding advanced degrees in careers that traditionally did require them, business owners, students, and educators need to evaluate academic programs and costs to help future students navigate this educational minefield. Many differing opinions on the value of higher education are available; one proponent for reduced dependence on advanced degrees is Charles Murray, scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Murray offers in his essay “Are Too Many People Going to College?” that the core education offered in most colleges should be introduced to students in grade school and forcing individuals looking for vocation training only to attend unnecessary, time consuming, and expensive college classes and still not be guaranteed a career afterwards is not beneficial to anyone. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Freeman Hrabowski, President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Chair of the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for African Americans presents in his essay “Colleges Prepare People for Life,” that college will better prepare individuals for the wo...

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...f investing in each other.
Other experts believe that we should not only encourage more students to go to college but they should receive more financial support from the government and communities and they should be offered more guidance services to help channel them into appropriate educational and career pathways. Many feel that these programs as these will create more successful students and better prepare young adults for today’s workplace environment. One such proponent of this system is Freeman Hrabowski, in his essay he proposes that students flounder in college due to lack of financial support and guidance sources, Hrabowski offers “students need strong counseling to identify the best possible options. Lack of counseling is one reason that fewer than 10 percent of Americans from the lowest income quartile have earned a college degree by age 24” (Hrabowski).

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