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Is College An Institution? Essay example

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What is College, an institution where many continue their education to succeed and continue further in life, or where incoming and returning students try to continue inane social legacies. Social legacies that seem to receive more of the student body’s attention rather than the education that is presented. A majority of Colleges offer a 50/50 student instruction and social allotment which can obstruct with one another. As additional social activities are supplemented into the everyday lives of students, in result, funds are rapidly being conveyed to those social activities, diminishing funds accessible for educational labs and activities located off and on campus. College priorities seem to progressively become more social rather than educational ones.
Lately, most college’s put effort into creating diverse distractions to convince students to stray from education, inputting themselves in social activities. These activities include anything from football games to adding an extra “must have” class that has no educational value into a schedule. These inane classes that have no authentic educational value should be optional and limited rather than becoming a class implemented into the curriculum, thus allowing other classes to benefit from funds not ceased by the classes.

Colleges and Universities used to be the gateways to obtaining a higher education and/or a better career, they would set their students on the right course to encourage the goals they hoped to achieve. Individuals who reenroll themselves into college are more than likely going back to increase their knowledge to aim for a career rather than just having a job. Companies also have programs that allow their workers to enroll into college to possibly receive a degree ...

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...t from it, which they don’t, seem to be the main reason why colleges are selected.

When the average student picks a college they want to attend for their succeeding few years of their academic voyage, several will pick with the thought of their educational goal or determination. Numerous will pick a college for its athletic and social accomplishments, and disregard the academic portion. The average student won’t benefit like a star athlete would if he wins a championship, which may perhaps easily be taken away the next year. When education can be more of an accomplishment to every student and to their futures rather than just the athletic students. There will always be a time and a place for social and athletic activities and it shouldn’t be integrated into everyday school life, especially when it doesn’t directly benefit the institution and its students as a whole.

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