Social Issues In Mainstream Media By Augie Fleras

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In the past few decades, the innovations of technology have created numerous avenues for media outlets to reach the public. While these changes have been able to positively affect society, there are ongoing discussions on the various negative impacts of the media. In the article “Mainstream Media”, Augie Fleras explores the social problems that derive from mainstream media. In his investigation, Fleras is able to demonstrate how toxic media messages can be to an impressionable society. The article takes a five-step approach to corroborate his work, starting off by framing where the problem lies, defining the media, its impacts, the effects on society, and finally proposing a possible solution. The arguments and general narrative of the article…show more content…
Another argument against the media, states that it is an instrument that delivers propaganda and spreads the interests of those in power. With such power, the media has the ability to control the beliefs of individuals because the owners of the media stations have the ability to regulate what viewers are able to see. Because of this filtration they are able to define the beliefs and can control the social reality of viewers. In this process, they have the ability to generate what is normal and what is not. Through all of these venues of control, they create the popular concept of what is accepted and wanted in society. Fleras furthers his arguments through exemplify exactly how the media causes social problems. The first point he makes surrounds the many media ads that individuals view. He states that because of all of these materialistic commercials, the 21st century is plagued by a consumerist culture. Another issue he addresses with the consequences of media is the violence it promotes. In the past few decades, the media has desensitized audiences and even glorified violence through movies such as Pulp Fiction and video games like Call of

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