The Structure Of The Family, Family And Social Structure

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Social institutions are composed of many levels of building blocks just like a Lego house, from the smallest to biggest piece it's meant to fit its very purpose, from the micro to the macro. These building blocks come together to form the social structure. Social structure refers to the social patterns through which a society is organized. There are pieces to social structure that represent the social connections and the social and physical characteristics of where individuals are set on communities and social status due to the many blocks connected to what could be referred as social position, following these blocks to guide social position and status can cause social inequality, society classifies people or group in a hierarchy.
Where we
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Families are meant to be guides to individuals and social connections. Institutions are the building blocks of a particular society. Due to the fact that families are so important the main goals that society sets on individuals are family, marriage, religion, education, the government, politics, and the economy. Many of the institutions are designed specifically to socialize, just like school is meant to socialize with families, they are there to form the individuals and punish them into submission to the social structures even though they try to guide social actors.
There is a need for need for balanced social institutions since social institutions form the workers for the next generation, institutions enable to act together for a common goal or just for protecting the individuals from a changing world. Social institutions reduce the anxiety caused by the uncertainties of the many changes society is being exposed to these overwhelming
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There is much myth about what an ideal worker should be. Current situations and trends in the labor community are different, family working arrangements have time to place and there is always a switching characteristic to families nowadays. Since 1950, and due to World War II there was an increase of participation among mothers of young children. In current days, a great percent of married couples are in dual-income households where both the man and the woman work, and there are more working mothers than there are working
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