Is Coaching A Sport? Essay

Is Coaching A Sport? Essay

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After the first lesson, I feel that there is definitely the positive and negatives to the lesson and there is still a lot of aspect to coaching a sport I need to learn about. One aspect that I learnt from this first lesson is defiantly being flexible and adaptable. This is important for physical education teachers and teacher in general as there are no two days the same, so being flexiable and adapatble is vital (Robinson, 2014). An possible examle is unsuitable weather conditions.

Some of the students did not have much experience dealing with a basketball. Hence, I had decided that for the warm up they will get use to holding the ball and running just to start off. However, I had noticed that this was too easy for them. As my assumptions were wrong about their level of prior knowledge and skills in basketball. As stated before, I felt that my lesson was too structured. Therefore to improve the warm up and simultaniously plan my lesson less structured, next week I will give options for the students.

Prior to this lesson I had also made sure to learn and gain more Knowledge about basketball. I believe that it is very important as this can enhance the quality of the lesson (McGee & Fraser, 2012). This also provides more confidence for me when I am teaching this sport that was unfamiliar to me (Armour, 2011). First I made sure to get all the terminology correct before anything. To make sure that the students use the correct terminology is very important.

Following from my reflection 2 weeks ago, I have slowly incorporated more freedom into their basketball session. I have started giving them options as to how they want to do their dribbling warm up (run or walk) around the courts. I have found that making this decision was usef...

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...arnt that If I as their coach also find the session fun and enjoyable, than most of the time the children will enjoyed the lesson as well (McGee & Fraser, 2012).

During the basketball match and throughout this series of basketball session there have been a few minor injuries that occurred. I was able to handle the situation calmly. However, I feel that if it had been a more serious injure I would have been flustered and panicked a bit. In the future, I wish to have the opportunity to learn more about dealing with injuries and how to handle the situation and the surrounding (including the other children). I feel that gaining knowledge in this area is extremely important for teachers and especially for physical education teacher as it affects the safety of the students and can be beneficial for emergency situation in the classroom and outdoors (Stidder & Hayes, 2011).

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