How To Play Basketball Essay

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How to Become a Professional Basketball Player Basketball a sport that is played throughout the whole world. When playing this sport all you need is a ball and basket. Though the basket does have to be a certain height kids play it in their classroom or outside. What I mean by this is that kids and even adults in the office treat a trash can as a basket and whatever their trash is as a ball. I got interested in this sport when I was in middle school in eighth grade moving on to high school. I was never interested in basketball until I played it with a group of kids who today are still my friends. Basketball kept me and my friends connected we watch it and play it whenever we get the opportunity.…show more content…
I had always heard playing basketball at a high school level was always the first step in order to become a professional. Though I only played once throughout high school I was still interested in how one could become a professional at basketball. For my senior project I chose to research about it and found out many interesting things I didn’t know about it. My knowledge for basketball grew even more. The rules Every sport has rules that are set to make sure you enjoy watching it and playing the sport. Basketball has a variety of rules, but only some rules matter the most. When we talk about playing basketball it 's a worldwide played sport which involves a surface to play in, a ball, and a hoop. It 's a sport many people enjoy playing starting from the early age of three until whenever they feel like stopping. Especially in this month of march it 's addicting to watch basketball since its (NCAA) which stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. All colleges go at it head on playing each other according to a
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