The Game Of Basketball: The History Of American Basketball

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Sarah Marks Mrs. Patterson English 3 Honors- Period 1 13 March 2014 The History of American Basketball The game of basketball is a highly recognized and widely known sport. Basketball was first heard of in the winter of 1891 when a man by the name of James Naismith was told to instruct a physical education class at the Young Men’s Christian Association in Springfield, Massachusetts. Naismith was instructed to put together a game for young men to enjoy while they were at the YMCA. While trying to come up with a brilliant and fun game for these young men, Naismith reminisced back on his childhood in Canada. He remembered a game his friends and him had played all the time: “Duck on a Rock”, which involved trying to knock a large rock off a boulder by throwing smaller rocks at it. Naismith also remembered watching a game of rugby going on in the gymnasium. The game of Rugby involved tossing a ball into a box. After a very short time of trying to make up a game for these young men, Naismith came up with a brilliant idea. Little did he know the game that he came up with just so happened to be one of he most renowned sports in American history. Naismith’s idea pertained to nailing up raised boxes so that players could attempt to throw a ball in the basket. When there were no boxes too be found, he used peach baskets. Supposedly, Naismith came up with all the rules for this game in no more than “about an hour”, according to Alexander Wolff. Shortly after Naismith had invented the game of basketball, graduates of the YMCA traveled internationally which is the main reason as to why this sport is so widely known. The impact basketball has made on the lives of many Americans is incredible in the sense that it has given people the ability to ... ... middle of paper ... ...rt for all types of people: men, women, and children. Without basketball, the integration of college sports might have never been achieved. Without basketball, wheelchair basketball might have never been formed. Paraplegics might have never been given the opportunity to participate in one of the best sports in history. Basketball has given people with disabilities the hope of a normal life. It has given them the ability to engage in such a physical activity that would let them compete against people just like themselves. In contribution to the integration of college sports and the formation of the NWBA, basketball has acted as an outlet for those troubled children who grew up living a hard life. As you can see, throughout history, basketball has made a huge impact on our society today and it has helped many people grow into someone they never thought they could be.

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