Basketball: The Game Of A Basketball Game

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Have you ever watched a basketball game? Basketball is a great all-around sport that people love to watch and play.The professional level of basketball is extremely complicated, making it a great and fun sport. Starting from the early 1900’s and traveling all the way to the 21’st century, basketball has truly evolved from 8 teams to 30 and the NBA adding more rules each year. Rules in a basketball game are extremely important. You and your team try to score on the opposing team's basket. There are 5 players on the court for each team. The baskets are elevated ten feet above the court. Two sidelines and baselines are parallel to each other, being the boundaries or out of bounds. If you go out of these boundaries. On top of that, another way you could lose the ball is to travel or walk with the ball, double dribble; dribble with two hands.…show more content…
The point guard's job is to dribble the ball and is the passer of the team. A good point guard should be able to drive, assist, dribble, and shoot. He should have good court vision.The shooting guard usually sits at the right wing and wats for the the point guard to pass him the ball. He also should dribble effectively and more than that be the best shooter on his team. The small forward usually starts at the left wing and a good small forward should have the ability to play tough inside, and also have the ability to shoot inside or outside the perimeter. A power forward should have the ability to play in post position and should be able to shoot close range and power his way to his basket, he also could play a defensive role. A center in basketball has the biggest defensive role in defense and in offense plays in in the paint and scores. According to Marcus,, “ In the past people would just throw the ball to the center and he would score, but now the NBA
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