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The Irony of Management
The greatest ion of the concept of management is that it is often mistaken for leadership. In most cases, successful managers are labeled leaders. Thus, if one manages his responsibilities well by adopting the right approaches, they will naturally become leaders. After all, leadership is all about managing high order things. In a nutshell, leadership focuses on setting direction or vision for an organization, which every member of the organization should follow. On the other hand, management controls, directs and coordinates people and resources in accordance with organization principles, values and established objectives. Essentially, leadership is one quality that a manager should have (Stephen & Halsey, 2001).

Our Stolen Focus
The traditional focus of the business world has been hijacked by over concentration on leadership. While the two concepts do not represent the same thing they are closely related and complementary, and, therefore, go hand in hand. With the increasing complexity of organizations, the roles of leadership and management have become integrated. Their common aim is to increase organizational efficiency by nurturing skills, developing talents and inspiring results to help organizations meet strategic business objectives. In light of this, the traditional notion of roles that differentiated leadership from management is increasingly becoming overlapped, and thus, an individual can act as both the manager and leader (Markaz, 2003).

Effectively Flexible Management
An effective manager should be able to adjust between various styles and circumstances as the business environment may dictate (Colm, 2009). Correspondingly, employees should be able to switch together with the manager so...

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...ieving certain objectives. Resourcing refers to manipulation and deployment of financial resources, human resources, natural resources and technological resources. Thus, management is the act of organizing and coordinating activities in an organization, in line with desired policies so as to achieve desired objectives or outcomes.

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