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The IPod Touch is a portable media player designed and markeyed by Apple Inc. The product was unvieled to the general public September 5, 2007 as part of an event dubbed "The Beat Goes On", featuring the introduction of Cover Flow and Multi Touch to the Ipod line. The IPod Touch can be purchased with 8 or 16 GB of flash memory. It also has a WI-FI and includes safari, Apple's web browser. The IPod touch is the first generation of the IPod line to include wireless access to the itunes store. The IPod touch also has the capability to detect the current and last 10 songs playing in a Starbuck's Cafe within the vicinity. The IPod touch's multi-touch interface is exactly like that of the IPhone. Like the IPhone, the IPod touch include a physical home button seperate from the touch screen. The home screen includes a list of buttons corresponding to the available applications, including Music, Vdeos, Photos, Itunes, Safari, You Tube Mail, Maps, and Widgets. With the January software upgrade, Ipod touch users can add websites to the home screen, for quick and easy access. The IPod touch comes preloaded with 28 wallpaper photos, some of which are figures from the IPod advertisement. (January 15, 2008 Steve Jobs announced at his Mac World 2008 Keynote "The IPod touch consist of five new application: Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes and Weather").
The IPod touch is a premium-priced device with an attractive set of features for a midsize videoplayer (PVP). The IPod touch is clearly the IPhone's baby brother. Like most products that role out of Apple, the touch shows the love of committed designers, handware engineers, and usability experts. The touch measures a slim and pocketable 4.3 inches by 2.4 inches by 0.31 inch, with an all metal-and-glass design that feels as expensive as it looks. The fave of the IPod touch uses the same scratch-resistant glass found on the IPhone. There are only two physical buttons found on the touch:a button on the face of the player used for calling up the main menu; and a screen deactivation button found on the top left edge of the case. The touch is controlled largely using an icon-based touch screen navigation menu nearly identical to the IPhones, but with greater emphasis placed on music, photo, and video playback.

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Ipod Touch Essay

- The IPod Touch is a portable media player designed and markeyed by Apple Inc. The product was unvieled to the general public September 5, 2007 as part of an event dubbed "The Beat Goes On", featuring the introduction of Cover Flow and Multi Touch to the Ipod line. The IPod Touch can be purchased with 8 or 16 GB of flash memory. It also has a WI-FI and includes safari, Apple's web browser. The IPod touch is the first generation of the IPod line to include wireless access to the itunes store. The IPod touch also has the capability to detect the current and last 10 songs playing in a Starbuck's Cafe within the vicinity....   [tags: Product Review Apple]

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The 2 design details that distinguish the IPod touch from the IPhone are the headphone jack and volume controls. The IPod touch accepts any standard minijack headphone connection in the absence of dedicated volume control buttons, the touch gives users the ability to bring up an on screen volume slider by double clicking the main menu button. The same volume screen offers controls for playing, pausing, and skipping through tracks. The IPods touch's most unique selling point is its interface. In the absence of jetpacks or flying cars, the futuristic novelty of zooming photos with a pinch of the finger or flying through your music collection in a coverflow is difficult to qualify into a bullet point, but it is probably the most justifiable reason to invest in the touch.
The Screen on this IPod model looks perfect. Vivid color reproduction, strong backlight, and decent viewing angles. It is also the right size in terms of viewing a movie, compared to the older IPod video. The multitouch screen is unlike any other touch screen. The old stylus input is thrown out of the equation replacing the stylus is a more natural input, a users finger. Next is the tracking movement which has become incredible smooth and fluid-like. A graceful swoop of your finger lets you drag a web page surface around the screen, spin or 3D dial to adjust a timer. One of the most important features of the touch is its inability to stratch. The display on the IPod touch becomes the keyboard for different programs that require user input.
The IPod touch draws 99% of its features from the IPhone. While IPhone owners have zero incentive for buying the touch, the rest of us now have a way to get our hands on many of the IPhone"s features without costly and contractual AT&T service plans. The bad news is the the IPod touch does away with more than just the IPhone's phone capabilities_ _it also gives uo POP/MAP email, built in speakers, microphone, camera, bluetooth, and a handful of widget applications such as stock monitoring and weather forecasting. Remaining features such as a Safari Web Browser, You Tube Video Portal, Photo Viewer, Music Player, Video Player, and Itunes WIFI music store still place the IPod touch on the cutting edge for portable video players. One of the few notable features that put the IPod touch ahead of the IPhone is the ability to output video and photos to a television using an optional APPLE AV CABLE UNIVERSAL DOCK, or qualifying 3rd party video accessory. Another advantage he touch offers over the IPhone is the ability to manually manage music and video content in lieu of setting up automatic content syncing rules with Itunes. Audio format support is unchanged from previous IPods. The touch supports standard and purchased AAC, as well as MP3, Audible, WAV, AIFF, and Apple lossless. Video format support is likewise unaltered from the H.264 IMP4 files playable on 5G IPods as well as the 3rd generation IPod Nano and the IPod Classic.The touch supports video resolutions up to 640 by 480 at 30 frames per second.
Putting aside the touch's sleek design, the futuristic interface, and innovative feature set, the quality of its audio and video playback rank only slighty above average. The IPod touch reportedly uses the same audio chipset as the IPhone, but a different one than the IPod Classic. The touch offers good audio quality, but not the stellar audio. The audio issue is compounded by Apple's long-standing history of preventing IPod users from defining their own custom EQ settings. Apple's 20 built-in equalization presets are handy, but there's just no substitute for rolling your own five-band EQ curve. The touch is unquestionable the most video-worthy IPod yet. Apple rates the the touch's battery life at 22 hrs for music and 5 hrs for video.
Currently the only wireless connection the IPod touch supports is WI-FI (8 oz.1lb/g). In areas where a laptop would still have a 50-60% connection the IPod touch will drop off depending on if your hand is in a certain position. If you were to use this around larger home, prepare to get another access point to extend the range.
Software on the IPod touch, appears to be very well thought out. Each application loads without lag, works smoothly, and features (while basic) are incredible easy to use.
Safari, Apple's Web Browser, will probably see the most use. The IPod touch is more or less the same great browser found on the IPhone, minus a few features. The interface is very slick and easy to figure out once you get the finger motions worked out. Page rendering works out well most of the time, but common features such as flash or java are not supported. Scrolling, zooming, and other page navigation controls are handled all through finger motions.
The You Tube application gives you access to most (if not all) You Tube videos, allowing you to view by most popular, featured videos, bookmarked videos, or search for others. The layout of each section gives you a nice preview of each video (image, rating, views, and username). Clicking on it buffers the video, and allows you to start watching a clip in the same style player used for music or video's on the IPod.
The internal Calender can be set to sync with outlook on your computer, but right now is crippled by Apple to only allow you to view, not edit or add appointments. You can view by list, day , month, as well as jump to the current day.
Contacts also syncs with outlook, and appears to support a seemingly unlimited number of phone numbers for each contact. Besides the standard fields for common phone numbers, you add custom tags for whatever might fit best for a number you have on hand. Unlike the calender program, you are allowed to add and edit items.
The Clock application gives you a wide range of features, covering a world clock, alarm, stopwatch, and timer. The world clock section gives the user a chance to add in multiple major cities. The alarm section lets you add in multiple alarm setting, not just limiting you to a single alarm that you need to change each time. The stopwatch gives you basic lap features and times by the tenth of a second. The timer lets you set a countdown of up to 24 hrs.
Calculator is just a basic calculator program without any scientific functions. Very basic and simple to use program.
On the Settings you will find the ability to modify the brightness of the screen, WI-FI, the wallpaper, date and time, the auto-lock period, EQ, the volume limit, the audiobook speed, TV out options, photo slide-show options, javascript on/off, cookie settings and more. With the latest firmware version Apple added the ability to have different languages on the keyboard. The IPod touch has been hacked to allow the installation od 3rd party applications. There are currently about 100 3rd party applications written for the Touch and IPhone.
Music gives you access to all the songs loaded to your IPod. The control interface looks much different from the past IPod interface.
Video allows you to controll all the movies ans TV shows loaded onto your IPod. Default viewing orientation is landscape, and has controls similar to the music laypout. The only real control you have outside of the volume or track position is the video resize feature. This allows you to view the video at normal size, or expand it to the screen edges.
If you have any pictures set to sync with your IPod, Photo lets you browse through your entire selection. It sorts by folder, and while viewing pictures you are allowed to set your device wallpaper image to the current selection.
Itunes is probably the most handy application on this device, considering you can now gain full access to the entire Itunes music selection anytime you have an active WI-FI connection. You can preview songs, purchase them, and of course download them all while not connected to your maim computer.
Battery life on the IPod touch is long enough to easily cover a day or two of off and on of wireless access. If you spemd most of the time viewing movie trailers or watching the tube clips, it eats the battery life faster than plain web browsing.
Specifications on the IPod touch are screen:3.5 mulittouch lcd (480 by 320) with a CPU of 400 MHZ ARM. RAM:128 mb, storage:8GB, bluetooth not present: nonremovable lithium Ion, size:110 by 62 by 8 mm and thw weight: 120g or 4.2 0z.
The IPod is the world's most popular family of digital music players with over 100 million sold. Today, Apple released its most exciting IPod lineup ever with the IPod Shuffle in 5 new colors; IPod Classic holding uo to 40,000 songs; he incredible all new IPod Nano with video playback; and the breakthrough IPod Touch with a revolutionary multitouch user interface. IPod owners can choose from a vast ecosystem of accessories with over 4,000 products made specifically for the IPod including cases, fitness accessories, speaker systems and IPod connectivity in over 70% of US automobiles.
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