The Inventions During the Industrial Revolution Essay

The Inventions During the Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Theme of our Almanac is Science and Technology so my Historical Analysis will be based off of the Science and Technology of the Industrial Revolution. My historical analysis will be about the inventions during the Industrial Revolution. The three I will be focusing on: The Water Frame, The Improved Steam Engine and the Sewing Machine. All three of those inventions all offer some sort of Problem, Progress and Promise to the Industrial Revolution. I will be analyzing those three things.

One of the first inventions during the Industrial Revolution is the Water Frame. It was invented by Richard Arkwright in 1769. The purpose of the water frame was a new source of energy. The water frame was to spin cotton much more efficiently. They used to do it by spinning wheel. The spinning wheel was powered by the foot and was very time consuming. The way it worked was the water would turn the water wheel and then it would power the water frame. The water frame could do the work of around 10 people before it was invented. This lead to the problem of the water frame. If there were more water frames then there were fewer people being able to work and earn money. The people were now used to relying on the machines to do that work. We don’t know how to create our own yarn using anything but a machine now these days. The progress of the water frame was the way that it efficiently got the job done. It is quick and it saved a lot of time. They invented it so that it could do the work of more people. The promise of the water frame is there would be more materials for the people quicker. They won’t have to wait longer to get their yarn. It seems that the water frame brought more progress and promise to the industrial revolution. The problems were s...

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... lead to the success of this revolution. These three are a great answer of how was the process of industrialization and subsequent urbanization that began in England in the 18th Century a problem, progress, AND promise? After reading this Historical Analysis I hope you have learned why the Water Frame, Steam Engine and the Sewing Machine were great inventions of the Industrial Revolution.

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