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Interview With A Branch Manager Essay

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Interview with a branch manager and an entrepreneur
My two interviewees were a 29-year-old branch manager for U.S. Bank and 49-year-old machinist at Cobham and entrepreneur. Both were a wealth of knowledge and made the interview process relaxing as well as informative. I was quite nervous and worried about imposing on their personal life. On the contrary, as I was getting through the first interview, I realized my apprehensions were gone and I became excited to learn more. They helped me learn a lot about them as my friends, but also as a person.
Preparing for the interviews took a lot of thought process and time. I first started with the idea of who I would talk to. I thought about going with a complete stranger, a local business within a block or two of my house, or do I go with someone I know. I chose to go with people I knew because this is the first time I have done something like this. If or when, I ever do another scenario like this I feel I have more confident and tools to talk with a stranger, or local small business owner. The biggest hurdle I think, would be scheduling a mutual time to have a conversation.
Once I settled on who I was going to interview I studied intensely questions to ask. Although, from the start the questions I was formulating and studying really helped me settle on who I was comfortable talking to. The questions were intense, at first I could only think of a few, once I studied more and found some examples the questions were endless. The best part for me was realizing I could delve into some more serious questions. At the beginning, most of my questions were basic, easy questions, but I wanted to learn more. They would answer and I would want to know more, or want them to elaborate. Therefore, I re...

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...nfident and proud that U.S. bank and her branch run an ethically tight ship. Wells Fargo recently had a scandal with their employees opening “dummy” accounts for personal gain. Amy feels U.S. bank and each branch really try to make sure employees do not feel this pressure. Her policy as a branch manager to help keep the branch in good standing is to have an open-door policy. Amy said “You know just letting them know they can discuss anything that happens or they may be worried about is huge. Each employee needs to know I have an open ear and will work with them as long as they trust in me to talk to me.” Also, ensuring the employees she has hired are a good fit for their position, and understand their role is a huge tool to deter unethical scenarios. Setting clear expectations and job responsibilities is a great tool in keeping the bank on an ethically clean slate.

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