The Interview That Took Place With The Participant Essay

The Interview That Took Place With The Participant Essay

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In this section, I will be analyzing the data from the interview that took place with the participant. The data consists of the transcripts of the interview. The primary goal of this study was to hear some of the negative experiences that occurred in health care facilities regarding Sickle Cell patients. After the interview was conducted and the data was further analyzed there were three main themes that was discovered. First, was the support system for the patient and how God and family really made a difference in the participant’s life all together especially when combatting depressive symptoms, second, was a lack of control over their regimen once they were in health care facilities and lastly, was the stigma of the disease being filled with drug-seekers. Starting with the support system and the belief in God and family, I asked the participant if he had a practicing religion, because I knew in the Sickle Cell community prayer, church, and the belief in God was crucial. Just as I had expected, he was a practicing Christian and when asked how being Christian helped him deal with his disease, he said:

“just the promise that God has made to his people that he will never leave or forsake them and I think thats something really important to me and to anyone that experience God’s love.”

I also asked him if he ever blamed God at times, because I knew those suffering with life-long and life-threatening conditions sometimes blamed God for the unfairness, but to my surprise although he did when he was younger, he does not anymore. Thomas & Taylor (2002) also recognized that because of the unexplained complications and unexpected deaths from the disease, metaphysical questions are asked such as “why me” and having that belief in...

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...le Cell. Another concern that has not been fully explored in previous literature is the issue of tolerance. Sickle cell is a condition that one is born with, meaning pain crisis can start at birth and will need to be treated via opioids. My participant gets sick on average 16 times a year not including the minor attacks, and if each time he has to take the opioids there will be a tolerance built meaning eventually he is going to need a higher dose. That is something doctors need to understand because if the patients need 6 milligrams of hydromorphone but they usually administer only 2 milligrams to other non-Sickle Cell patients, one can imagine the conflict that may arise as 2 milligrams may not do anything for the patients although the doctor may insist otherwise. It is a concerning issue that needs adequate attention to ensure patients are not being under-treated.

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