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Interview At A Private School Essay

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Since I teach at a private school, I chose to interview community members who reside in in our community’s largest school, Tahlequah Public School District. Recently, the most prominent topics in the media with this district, as well as many other districts in the area, is the shifting or elimination of programs and teachers. The shifting or elimination of programs and teachers is precipitated by the allocation of funding within the district. Community members feel that they are only informed of these necessary changes after the fact with little to no opportunity for communication between the school district and community members. For this assignment, a panel of 6 individuals was asked a sampling of questions that dealt primarily with the allocation of monies received by the school district. The nature of the questions focused on the amount of money spent on education and how it reflected the quality of education, funding of extracurricular activities, whether or not funding in our state should be equal in all districts, poor districts having access to additional funding, effective communication of the school district in conveyance of the amount of money available, and how the district chooses to spend its money.
Description of Subjects Surveyed
Each person chosen for the survey provided a variety in age range. The panel of the community members surveyed included 66% having, at least one school-aged child, attended some type of school function within the last 12 months, not voted in a school election in the last 2 years, and were Native American. Each individual had a job within the community. An important part of shaping schools and the programs that each school offers, has a great deal to do with the members of the commu...

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... community members to hear issues concerning the district, ask questions, and express concerns. Relying solely on standard meeting opportunities such as parent/teacher conferences, athletic, and other extracurricular activities are not enough and do not have conducive environments or timetables. They are favorable for brief discussions with parents but are not a prudent time to meet with community members and provide a platform for information and discussion. Nonetheless, of the questions posed in the survey of the subjects, the most significant factors that has been overlooked by the school district is the involvement of stakeholders in the decisions and changes happening within the district and the dissemination of information to the stakeholders. These factors are essential pieces of the puzzle for effictively connecting school districts to their communities.

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