The Importance Of Privatization In Public Education

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What the authors means when they say that “market driven” “privatization” has taken over democratic public education, is that with privatization the focus has changed from our students and social goals to making schools more profitable. This has caused many to disregard what the students should be learning and what skills they should be acquiring while in school. Instead parents are more worried about deciding what school their children should attend. Standardized test are used as a way to measure students’ performance and the quality of the teacher and the school. Not taking into consideration other aspects such as poverty or English language learners for example. Cutting back funds from schools who are not “performing” as well as others, but not taking into consideration how those funds are essential to provide students with the needed means for a decent education. It also means that one of the main priorities now is competition with other nations, and how our students can help our businesses become more profitable.

2. They discuss the differences between "democratic reformers" and "neoliberals." The reformers are trying to defend the public in public education. The neoliberals want to focus on the individual in competition for ever scarcer places in the middle class, using privatized schools, charter schools, and competitive
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Not to mention that there is no emphasis on the importance of graduating, it has been replaced with the importance of performing well on the tests. How can we expect our students to want to succeed when we are not encouraging to be better?When we treat them as numbers? We should be helping our students to understand why their education and the dream of graduating is so important. For as long as we fail to address these issues the longer we will have to wait before we can see any improvement in our educational
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