Interprofessional Collaboration At The Healthcare Organization 's Adoption Of An Ic

Interprofessional Collaboration At The Healthcare Organization 's Adoption Of An Ic

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Interprofessional Collaboration in the Healthcare Setting.
Collaboration is the foundation to success in any team. In the healthcare setting, interprofessional collaboration (IC) has been a significant trademark among numerous highly successful innovations. Collaboration between nurses and other healthcare providers improves the quality of care, coordination, and communication between the team leading to increased patient safety. Working in a team to achieve common goals implies open communication, respect for others, mutual trust, and honesty. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the meaning of interprofessional collaboration, its implications for practice, describe the role of IC in the provision of patient and family-centered care, discuss the four competencies of IC, and the nurse’s role in the healthcare organization’s adoption of an IC.
Interprofessional Collaboration Definition
IC refers to when healthcare workers from different professional backgrounds must work together to provide quality care to patients, families, and communities. It is a kind of cooperation between healthcare providers from different disciplines; they must “learn with, about, and from each other” (Engelmann, 2016, p.84). It requires some kind of skills that allow an individual to be flexible, adaptable, and receptive. Working under interprofessional collaboration ask a professional for the capability to change its role as needed. Healthcare professionals must be able to shift of share his or her task (Eklund & Kenner, 2013); they must be willing to expand their scope of practice to a better distribution of skilled and knowledgeable caregivers.
IC Implications for Practice.
The relationship among professionals within the healthcare setting ...

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...nd healthcare providers. Working together with other professionals would lead to very positive outcomes and would guarantee a continuity of care by a multidisciplinary team (Current Nursing, 2010).
The interprofessional collaboration is a cornerstone in the healthcare setting. The provision of patient/family-centered care, which assure safety and quality in the service, would have a team work approach as a foundation and underpinning. In a healing process or in the preservation of health intervene several factors, some of them are closely related with the environment. Healthcare providers constitute an important part of that environment, and definitely, communication with patients, families, and among themselves, have a significant impact on it. The environment would influence the patient’s perception of care, and the staff’s level of satisfaction.

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