International And Domestic Laws And Regulations Essay

International And Domestic Laws And Regulations Essay

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In an organisation there may have a tremendous impact on the state of the natural environment, advent of stricter legal demands, industrial best practices and prescriptive on their organisation network. Therefore, the topic of organisational compliance and elements in the organisational culture has become really important for both profit and not for profit organisations around the world. Organisational compliance can be related to various type and levels within organisation perspectives and context. Many researcher states that organisation compliance can be “international and domestic laws and regulations, industry-wide standards and best practices, organizational rules and procedures, and enterprise architecture principles” (Foorthuis & Bos, 2011). Especially the not for profit organisations needs to follow compliance requirement very strictly. Over the years for an organisations to operate the regulations were increased as what Mehrpouya and Samiolo (2016) states that “over the past three decades, non-state regulation has grown faster than state regulation.”. The states or non-states regulations are include any context such as laws, practices, standard of quality, certification and ratings (Mehrpouya & Samiolo, 2016). Therefore, the not for profit organisation can be remain faithful to their mission and values if they for they follow regulated laws that’s being set by the national and state regulators.
Voronov and Yorks (2015) argues that sometimes that the institutional contradictions are key drivers for institutional instability and institutional change. Which means organisation won’t be able to follow their mission and values because some of the driver or laws that set by the government regulators may affect their mission an...

... middle of paper ...

... changes is needed. Because some the strategies and tools are not up to the modern not for profit standard. Suppose If I were to lead the Skylight definitely I will be carrying out the changes that I mention in the report. In the future Skylight and their services will stand next to person who suffer loss, change and grief situations.
This research based case study and critical report was conducted with aim how Not for profit organisation would aspire a person and what are the aspects of organisation that would mesh with interest and values of person that looking to run an NFP organisation in the future. At the end the report will conclude with critical reflection that were learned from five literature reviews and skill and theory such as change management theory, and leadership theory that have learned would integrate into the organisation operations.

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