Code Of Ethics Case Study

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McMillan, M. (2012, February 17). Codes of Ethics: If You Adopt One, Will They Behave? Retrieved November 06, 2016, from

The main purpose of this work is to emphasize that the code of conduct has no use if the company does no create an ethical culture. It focuses on how the code of conduct must be created and fostered by the top management including board of directors so employees and other stakeholders follow by lead and don’t think that the higher authority are not practicing what they put out. The intended audience of this blog message was investment professional, people concerned with ethics in the workplace, and the general public who
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The work emphasizes that having business ethics and a code of conduct can be a preventive medicine. The intended audience is the general public, management team, large businesses that have yet to create and develop a code of conduct, and businesses who are searching for a solution towards resolving ethical dilemmas in their workplace. The relevance of this work to our topic is it’s unique outlook on how the code should not only be developed with HR and the legal departments with the only intention of keeping policies legal but to see it being navigated by top management. It will also help us establish the usefulness of the code of conduct in relationships with stakeholders. A special feature of this work is the large-scale of sections it has on the topic of code of ethics. It contains a content section at the very top of the article that helps navigating toward sections easier. It also includes quotes from CEO’s, ethics professor Stephen Brenner form the Journal of Business Ethics, Twin Cities-based consultant Doug Wallace, etc. The writer of this article is Carter McNamara who has a MBA and PhD who specializes in organizational development and
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