Intent Is A Psychological Attitude Essay

Intent Is A Psychological Attitude Essay

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Intent is a psychological attitude with which a person acts, and therefore it cannot ordinarily be straightly proved but must be inferred from surrounding facts and circumstances . Intent means only and only to the mental condition by which the action is completed or neglected. It varies from motive, which helps a human to do or not to do an act. Motive can be referred as a concealed intent .

The intention word can be used as the sense of a plan to make the damage criticized of. It implies a forerunner or knowing of harmful consequence, and a went to make it. When a human does a tort with a state of mind of this kind, his liability is sure and does not requires any further discussion .

A purposeful tort is any planned assault of, or obstruction with, the property, property rights, individual rights, or individual freedoms of another that causes wounds without Just Cause or reason. In tort an individual is considered to mean the outcomes of a demonstration—regardless of whether she or he really plans those results—if the individual is generously sure that those results will come a...

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