Integrating Technology Into Classroom Instruction Improves Student Performance

Integrating Technology Into Classroom Instruction Improves Student Performance

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Integrating technology into classroom instruction improves student performance. Teaching today has grown exponentially compared to the just ten to fifteen years ago. New technology is the cause for this enormous growth. It opens up an infinite resource for students on subjects they may not have a full grasp of. Technology, especially the internet, allows students to be exposed to material that teachers and/or schools may not have otherwise shared with the student.
Teaching with technology is not a new thing. It’s been around for a long time. Wall paintings and Hieroglyphs predated writing as an educational technology. Even Moses’ discovery of the Ten Commandments, being carved on stones, stands as an early form of educational technology. As time has passed, the use of technology has continued and improved. Technology in schools has evolved from adding machines, film strip projectors, and eight-track tape players to graphing calculators, smart boards, and the World Wide Web. Today’s students have access to the entire world at a click of a mouse. So, if the teachers ignore the technology at their disposal, it becomes a resource the teachers are unfortunately not using. to help students become the most productive students they can be.
Some may not support this claim for using technology in instruction. A standard lecture class involves two main components, the teacher, and the student. The standard lecture class has worked forever. Why change it now? Because the times are changing, and not accepting change is no way to teach a class of modern day students. Past students were not exposed to modern day technology that has been invented in just the past few years. Most students find the standard lecture class to be dull, uninte...

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...geted and focused interventions.
Technology improves learning in many aspects, it turns the table on the students. Instead of teaching students can be given projects that require them to learn the necessary material themselves. Key to this is the ability to get the information they need any time anywhere, without being in the physical presence of a teacher. This project-based pull approach makes learning far more interesting for the student. I have seen firsthand how students cannot wait to get out of regular classes to go to the after-school robotics project. With regular lectures the learning and teaching finishes in the classroom. When the students are given the ability to use technology to continue that learning period. If the students are always kept interested, they will learn the focus significantly better than they would in unvarying lecture style classroom.

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