Essay about Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for Nokia

Essay about Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for Nokia

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Executive Summary
The following report presents an Integrated Marketing Plan for Nokia in the UK. The plan deals with media planning, segmentation, strategic and tactic planning of IMC, evaluation and such. The main aim of this plan is to expand Nokia’s consumer base, establish Nokia’s brand values and position it among the target audience, and also communicate the brand values with customers effectively, while simultaneously influencing sales to grow. This plan is created to ensure maximum effectiveness in Nokia’s marketing approach. The main aim of this plan is to assist Nokia in their IMC activities in the UK.

1.Introduction 4
2.Background: Nokia 5
3.IMC Plan 6
3.1.IMC Objectives 6
3.2.Target Audience 6
3.3.Media Planning 6
3.4.Budget Allocation 6
3.5.Advertising 6
3.6.Public Relations 7
3.7.Sales Promotion 8
3.8.Online Marketing 8
3.9.Sponsorship 9
3.10.Measurement and Evaluation 9
4.Conclusion 9
5.Appendix 10
5.1.Appendix – 1: IMC Budget Allocation 10
5.2.Appendix – 2: The IMC Model 11
5.3.Appendix – 3: Target User Segmentation 11
6.References 12

Word Count: 2489 Words
1. Introduction
Today’s business environment is highly dynamic and competitive. In order to become successful, companies must use advanced marketing techniques and branding strategies. The significance of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is therefore, very critical. IMC sends out a single message through different media vehicles, which helps the company to target a wide variety of audience. According to Gerber (2008), Integrated Marketing Communication is the process of using a combination of different types of marketing communication to send the same message to consumers. The following report lays an IMC plan for N...

... middle of paper ...

...e, pp. 1-10.
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15. Weareapps, (2013), UK Mobile Devices Usage and Demographic Roundup, [online] Available at:, Accessed on: 2nd April 2014.

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