Analysis Of Dd Jekyll And Mz Hyde

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In todays marketing world there are several types of traditional and non-traditional promotion mix tools to better accomplish your marketing objectives. DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde, after careful consideration and review have implemented an integrated marketing communications strategy (IMC) to ensure the best possible return on investment (ROI). To begin with, DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde has crafted a 60 second radio commercial to be aired on the local hit music stations like WNKI 106.1 FM, WFIZ 95.5 FM, and WLVY 94.3 FM. This commercial would run 21 times a week. Choosing local stations makes senses for DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde, due in part to the fact they can reach a large target market quickly and that local radio airtime is financial more profitable than a local television commercial. The cost for running the commercial would cost any where from $500 to $1500 per week/per station (Markets 150+ IdeaGuy, 2009). Not only would DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde run a commercial on hit music stations, but also other stations like public radio and the college radio stations in the area. These combined radio stations would reach well over 250,000 people, though this may not seem like a lot, and not everyone would be listening, this is a great way to reach the people that would be interested in your services.…show more content…
This method is free and can reach hundred of thousands of people. The podcast is available on DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde’s Facebook page ( for all current and potential customers all over the world. This podcast could be listened to live or recorded and listened to at a later time. The podcast highlights events and happens around the area that DJ Jekyll & Mz Hyde would attend as well as feature new artists to watch, and give tips and pointers for individuals in the music
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