Target Market

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Target Market

Green & Kriegar (1991) states that target market are that segment of the market to which a particular product of the firm is aimed at. It is often categorised by age, gender, and geography and socio economic analysis.

Hertfordshire Computing targets the local consumers specially the students and office going people. Since the company specialises in providing sales service to customers who do not have computing skills and knowledge, an ideal customer would from the local school or office looking for the optimal machine in accordance to his needs. But the firm also employees trained IT technicians who would be ready to answer queries and help those tech savvy customers looking for upgrades. Services would also be provided to local offices and shops that are looking to purchase either one off or network of computers to help them in running their businesses.

Positioning and Branding


Hertfordshire Computing aims to position itself in the local market along with other specialists and big players to serve the needs of the consumers. But since it is aiming specially at local students and offices, it is slightly differentiating itself from its consumers. Since there is a need to develop a website due to the competitive rules of the industry, the business would encourage consumers to purchase products in their shop as specialised service can be provided to customers. Hence the main agenda of the business is to position itself along the lines of superb sales and after sales support services firm which is able to understand customer needs to the minutest detail.


According to the Business dictionary (2010) “Entire process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product (go...

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• Reach out to all the universities and local businesses

• Carry out a marketing research programme after 6 months with existing and prospective customers.

Marketing communication objectives

• Expand 10% awareness of the Business a week before launch amongst population in the local area. This will be measured through the use of survey.

• Gain 70% awareness of the business and the services it provides in first 3 months

• Get 25% of the local computing market share in 1st year.

Integrated Marketing Communication

This part highlights the integrated marketing communications plan for the start of the new business in the local area. The plan would assist the management in the techniques that must be employed in order to communicate with their prospective customers and would inform the stakeholders on the direction that the business aims to follow.
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