Instructional Design Model Comparison Essay

Instructional Design Model Comparison Essay

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Instructional Design Model Comparison
Instructional Design is a systematic approach to design, evaluation and management of instruction. It helps to facilitate learning in an effort to improve. There are many models that have been developed to assist in the design of instructional materials. This paper will compare three: ADDIE, ASSURE and Kemp with a focus on online learning.
The Addie Model is the traditional format used by instructional designers and many models have based their information off of the ADDIE concept. It consists of five phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (Davis, 2013).
In the analysis phase, the designer will determine and define the instructional problem to be solved and set instructional goals and objectives. The learning environment and the learner’s needs are identified. The design phase includes outlining instructional strategies and content. Specific and systematic learning activities and assessments are determined. It is in this phase that the designer will determine type of media that will be used. In the development stage, the designer will build the learning content based off the information from the design phase. The designer will also decide if technology will be integrated into the course content. Throughout implementation the designer will monitor and evaluate the course to determine if it is delivered effectively and modify as necessary. Evaluation is done at the end and usually consists of two forms: formative and summative. Formative evaluation verifies what the student learned during the training and is done through visual representation or activities. Summative is used after to determine the effectiveness of the training and comes i...

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...for using this model.

All three models have positive and negative qualities. The ADDIE and ASSURE models are straight forward and easy to use where the Kemp model can be confusing or distracting. Both the Kemp and ASSURE models focus on understanding the learner’s needs and learning style where ADDIE tends to define a problem and build learning to fix the problem. The ASSURE model was specifically designed to utilize technology where the other two were not. However, they could easily be adapted to use different forms of media, technology or an online format.
Any of the three models would be a useful and effective tool to design instructional content for an organization. For the project of an Instructional Design Blueprint, I have chosen to use the ASSURE model which focuses on understanding the learner and using technology in the course.

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