Installing A New Shower The Quartz Essay example

Installing A New Shower The Quartz Essay example

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Aqualisa needs to configure a strategy to sell their new shower the Quartz. The newest most innovative shower is not selling like it should be. If they cannot get it off they ground they risk of losing market share to competition. Aqualisa have been doing well in the past years however, with lowered quality and improvement among the competition changes need to be made. The purpose of this analysis is to take a deeper look into Aqualisa to see what their best moves is in order to fix their problem.
In this market 73% of consumers rely on their plumbers to pick out the shower for them in addition to this many people are unsatisfied with their showers thus making 44% of shower installations replacement jobs. This gives Aqualisa plenty of opportunity to make a significant impact and quickly. In order to do so they must focus on the plumbers, as reluctant and unwilling to change as they are the Quartz can bring them real financial benefits. Gaining the trust of the plumbers is the main hurtle, to do so Aqualisa should, first supply a number of plumbers with their showers ...

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