Innovation And Technology Advanced Fabrics And Specialized Manufacturing Techniques

Innovation And Technology Advanced Fabrics And Specialized Manufacturing Techniques

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1. Innovation and technology advanced
Under Armour provides innovatively designed performance products that incorporated a variety of technologically advanced fabrics and specialized manufacturing techniques, all in attempt to make the wearer feel “drier, lighter, and more comfortable.” This is Under Armour’s core competitive strength.
2. Diversity product portfolio
Under Armour is not only focus on football product; it expanded segments to baseball, hunting, fishing, running, mountain sports, skiing, hockey, and golf.
3. Good brand equity
The impressed interlocking “U” and “A” logo and innovatively designed products help consumers being familiar with Under Armour, creating and developing good brand equity.
4. Collegiate and professional teams sponsorships
Broadening demand among professional, collegiate, and Olympic teams and athletics, active outdoor enthusiasts, elite tactical professionals and consumers with active lifestyles propelled revenue grow dramatically.

1. Insufficient development in international market
Although UA has developed international market, including Japan, Canada, and the UK, but its majority market sales is in North America, which is over 90 percent.
2. High price
Because of using high-tech advanced fabric materials, UA provide a pricey price on t-shirts than a general cotton t-shirts.
3. Outsourcing of raw material
Many of the technically advanced specialty fabrics and other raw materials used in UA products were developed by third parties and are available only from a limited number of sources. And around 50 to 55 percent of fabric used in UA products came from worldwide outsourcing. Thus, it is a risk factor that if the third parties come across problems in case.
4. Costly inventory managem...

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...-tech advanced fabrics products; research and development must be keep involved in the general athletic product lines, because UA’s competitors have more mature general use athletic product lines.

Alternative choose:
The better alternative I would like to choose is alternative A, which is expanding international market.
Compared with expanding product line, or increasing the number of retail store, expanding international market will create a long run and profound effect. Because UA has its unique characteristic than other competitor, which providing high comfort, mobility and performance products regardless of weather conditions, it’s UA’s core competitive power. And UA has had a good performance on US market. If UA expanded its global market, and appeal worldwide demand, UA would strengthen its core competitive power and become a unique sports brand than others.

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