Infant Mortality Rates Is A Major Health Issue Essay

Infant Mortality Rates Is A Major Health Issue Essay

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Infant Mortality Rate in Mississippi
Infant mortality represents a major health issue in the United States. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, 2016) estimated the infant mortality rate in the United States is about 5.87. This indicates that almost six out of every 1,000 infants born do not live to see their first birthday. This is a very high number for a developed country. In the United States, Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate of all 50 states. Despite introducing initiatives for women and children wellness Mississippi’s infant mortality rate remains high. The purpose of this paper is to explain the current policies in Mississippi, its effect on the infant mortality rate, propose changes to those policies, and the ethical issues that may arise. Mississippi recognizes that the mortality rate of infants is an issue. Although Mississippi shows improvements, the infant mortality rate continues to rank number one. Mississippi needs to aggressively address this issue. It is suggested that the state of Mississippi starts by educating the public and being proactive in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. These two steps, with current efforts, may help Mississippi correct its current issue.
Mississippi Initiatives
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC, 2014) reports the infant mortality rate in the state of Mississippi was 8.82 in 2012. The rates for infant mortality are cumulative of Black and White women in the state. Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH, 2011) reported that the infant mortality rate in 2010 consisted of 6.4 for White women while for Black women the rate soared to 13.8. To assist in reducing the numbers of infant mortality and improving the health of both mother and child Mississi...

... middle of paper ... to address this issue should be of utmost importance. Reducing the mortality rate in Mississippi requires a more aggressive approach. The state currently has two programs introduced that have shown some result but does not decline the numbers remarkably. In addition to the Strong Start for Mothers and Newborn Initiatives and the Maternal and Infant Health (MIH) Initiative, Mississippi rates provided evidence that the issue will need to be addressed by a more aggressive method in its approach to improve the health of both mother and baby. Proposing to offer Long-acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) proactively to women and offering a combination of education of abstinence and sex education in schools may be more effective along with the established programs. Teens should also be able to obtain contraceptives without the current restrictions.

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