Essay on The Infant Mortality Rate Of A Country

Essay on The Infant Mortality Rate Of A Country

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The infant mortality rate of a country is said to be a “reflection of a society’s commitment to ensuring access to health care, adequate nutrition… and sufficient income to prevent the adverse consequences of poverty”(1). As defined by the World Data Bank, a country’s infant mortality rate is measured by the number if infants, per every 1000 live births, do not survive to be older than one year of age (3). The female unemployment rate refers to the percentage of the female labor force that is without work but available for and seeking employment (2). Previous research conducted by the Canadian Public Health Association has shown that unemployment can result in “direct material deprivation”, that could lead to an infant’s survival being compromised (4). A greater understanding of this relationship could give rise to national and international efforts to support unemployed mothers. It is reasonable to consider that there is a relationship between a country’s level of female unemployment and it’s infant mortality rate.

Considering the importance access to proper medical care, sufficient nutrients and other resources have on the survival of young infants, there will be a weak correlation between a country’s female unemployment and infant mortality rate. It has previously been proven that unemployment can result in “direct material deprivation.” By having a lack of financial resources, a woman may not be able to obtain the basic necessities for their child’s survival. In contrast, a woman who is employed and receiving a sufficient income will be able to provide such materials (4). This will be displayed in the data showing an increase in infant mortality as the female unemployment rate increases. One and two variable statistic...

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...roximately 79% are located in Africa. The high infant mortality rate in these countries can be seen as a result of the high levels of war and political conflict, human trafficking and slavery, inadequate living conditions, and restricted access to basic necessities such as clean water and food (12). In contrast, the top 25% for this variable consisted of 79% European countries, 13% Asian countries and 8% North American and Caribbean countries.
When analyzing the top and bottom 25% of countries for average female unemployment rate, a variety of developed and developing countries from every continent were represented. Within the top 25%, there are developing countries such as Sierra Leone and The Gambia, where a very high percentage of women are employed in the agricultural and informal sectors, however they work very long hours and receive little to no income (9,13).

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