Essay on Individual Marketing Strategy Formulation

Essay on Individual Marketing Strategy Formulation

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Individual Marketing Strategy Formulation

The organization under analysis is an organic food manufacturer called Annie’s Homegrown Organic. It is headquartered in Berkeley California, but has facilities throughout the country as well as in other countries such as Canada and the Philippines. In 2013, it was ranked one of the top 25 most successful small businesses in the country. Their marketing strategy is an inspiration for several small businesses that plan on dominating their area.
1) Business description and target market
Annie’s Home grown Organic is a small business that deals in the sale of organic food. Most of the products are precooked, frozen, canned or prepackaged. The company started in 1989 as macaroni and cheese seller, and then expanded its product base to include more diverse organic products. Its initial proprietors were Annie Withey and Andrew Martin; however, these individuals sold their shares to Homegrown natural foods. Annie only became an inspirational president and brand ambassador for the organization. She continues to practice organic farming at her residential home but still interacts with customers regularly (Annie’s Homegrown Organics, 2014).
The organization largely targets health-conscious consumers interested in eating organically certified food. All their ingredients are organic and natural; however, they strive to make them tasty in order to enhance users’ experiences. The organization specializes in making food for children who need a ready-made but healthy snack. It also targets people on the go who lack time to prepare their own mini-meals, but need something that is not packed with artificial flavors and ingredients. Also environmentally-conscious consumers are also a p...

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