Essay on Indian Film Industry Promotes Rape And Violence

Essay on Indian Film Industry Promotes Rape And Violence

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Indian Film Industry Promotes Rape and Violence
The Indian film industry is one of the largest in the world, producing over 1200 films yearly in Hindi and many other regional languages (McCarthy). The film industry plays a substantial role in shaping the attitudes, perspectives, and social interactions in Indian society. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between the behavior of people and the films they watch (Huesmann). The increasing occurrence of obscenities in Indian films and the expanding tolerance of the hypersexualized depiction of women have raised concerns over the effects that these films have on society. To protect women and society from these influences Indian authorities must raise awareness for these issues. The Indian government should pass a law to allow censorship in the film industry. Censorship regarding the portrayal of women and violent actions will help to reduce rape and violence in society.
First, the portrayal of women in Bollywood films has led to an increased rate of rape cases in India. Since 2010, “The rape rates have increased by 7.1%” (Tilak) and a factor of this increase is Bollywood’s famous “Item Songs,” appearing more commonly around 2010. “Item Songs” are tightly choreographed, sexually provocative, musical performances performed by women in almost every Indian film produced. These songs have absurd lyrics that strip women of their humanity. One example is a song called “Fevicol Se.” The translation of one line is “I am like barbecued chicken, swallow me with a glass of alcohol.” These lyrics degrade women to the status of mere objects. They are not empowering women; they only objectify women. A majority of the Indian men who watch these films often have minimal communication ...

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...s the reason that so many violent crimes are happening. Bollywood is a threat to the culture of India, and if they do not filter their content, the rape rates will continue increasing over the next few years. Many parents have to filter the contents if they are watching a majority of these movies because they contain the same format. A censorship would create a different audience appropriate for each age group Allowing censorship will help control what the audience is watching and make sure that it is appropriate for the age of the audience. Also, instead of the content this industry is currently making, Bollywood should make films to broaden the horizons of youth. It should create content that will teach the morals of valuing women and being more peaceful. Bollywood still has many changes to make to put Indian society in a more positive, rather than negative, light.

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