Essay on Incident Based Peer Review : An Examination Of The Process

Essay on Incident Based Peer Review : An Examination Of The Process

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Incident Based Peer Review: An Examination of the Process
Examining the structure of incident based peer review (IBPR), along with the rules and regulations that govern IBPR, better equips the nurse to understand the duties they are privileged to perform for the safety of patients. While using incident based peer review committees in a positive way, nurses are given the insight of errors in their duties, allowing for improved quality care. Upon reading this paper, the understanding of how the peer review committee was formed, the rules and regulations in which the committee conducts the peer review, as well as the purpose of the committee will be understood.
The nursing peer review (NPR) guidelines were published in 1988 by the American Nurses Association (ANA) (Branowicki et al., 2011; Haag-Heitman, 2011). According to one source, “Nursing peer review is an evaluation of professional nursing practice…” (Spiva, Jarrell, & Baio, 2014, p. 586). NPR is a tool used for organizations to evaluate the quality of care given, including, but not limited to, “…complications, adverse outcomes, and incident reports by one’s peers” (Kadar, 2014, p. 596). According to the Texas Board of Nursing, the NPR is a process that looks at the facts while analyzing and studying the events after gathering all relevant information regarding the event (Texas Nursing Practice Act, 2015) TOC § 303.006, 303.007, & 303.0075. As stated by T.M. Kennedy (personal communication, March 27, 2016), attorney at law, IBPR is the evaluation of the nurse’s conduct.
All health care facilities with more than 10 nurses on staff, including nurses under contract, must have a Peer Review in place in accordance with Texas State law; however, if the f...

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...their clinical expertise and leadership and that the process has improved their own practice” (Branowicki et al., 2011, p. 135). Therefore, NPR is not only profitable for the nurse in review but also to the members.
In conclusion, the IBPR was established in 1988 to evaluate nursing practice, improving the quality of care. The NPR members is composed of a majority of nurses with critical understanding of the nursing standards of practice. Due to due process proper notifications are required to be followed by the NPR. The information obtained in the IBPR is confidential encouraging positive change in nursing care. Nurses are given an opportunity to be involved in the IBPR reducing the anxiety of anticipation. Lastly, the benefits of an IBPR includes increased quality care by the nurse in question and also from the experienced gained by NPR members.

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