Why Do Doctors Commit Suicide?

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College students have concerns about writing an essay incorrectly, now be able to pass your class in an efficient matter by learning the effective way to write your essay. In “why do doctors commit suicide?” residency student are getting dangerous consequences by the pressure of becoming a doctor. Due to the fact that stress has made doctors emotional, thinking that all medical students are alone and have no support on how to release the pressure of being a doctor. Therefore, the intended audience and argument of the author was for doctors and residency medical students to know they are not alone in dealing with pressure of emotions. In addition, having the students know they are able develop relief from stress, since a “tired and depressed doctor who is an island of self-doubt simply isn’t as likely to improve the outcomes of his or her patients” (SINHA, 2014, para.12). The argument of the editorial is not all rhetorically successful because of the limited and ineffective use of ethos, logos, and pathos in editorial, nevertheless the main intended audience of residency medical student was correct by the author. The author’s intended audience in the editorial was to nearly correct because the author did have a main audience that was the doctors and medical students. Yet, as Sinha (2014) explains that “As medical students, while we felt compelled to work hard and excel, our shortfalls were met with reassurances...After all, we are real doctors now” (para.7). The author is a medical student becoming a doctor and is talking to peers about the information. The intended audience was not too large, since some of the audience was a residency medical student, doctors, yet had the audience of future patients, authorities in medical school... ... middle of paper ... ... audience, it made it more complex to have pathos effect all the audiences. To sum up, the author use of pathos did get the audience to be interested in the topic by giving them a solution to help yet, most would not like the topic of depressed doctor in need of aid. he evaluation of the overall rhetorical effectiveness for intended audience was a failure starting with the ethos of having no much credibility for the author, pathos, no real connection to emotion to aid the doctor, and not being able to see the real problem, and with the lack of logos to explain how to be able to obtain aid and help the student improve. As a result, in the editorial the authors had no success in persuading all the audience. For that reason, college students should be able to see the correct way to write their essay and the effective method for them to pass class with excellent essays.

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