The Incentives For The Car Dealership Essay examples

The Incentives For The Car Dealership Essay examples

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The incentives for the car dealership was the bonus they would receive from Chrysler for meeting the monthly quota. They had to sell 129 cars in October. They also had to meet individual quotas to receive a bonus, which were at least 15 cars each. This means they will go to extreme lengths to sell their individual quota and to make the dealership quota. The salesmen and women were selling cars to customers well below the price they paid the manufacturer for them. This was in an effort to make sure they closed the sales. If they felt they were going to lose out on a deal they would speak with Freddie who would tell them to do anything to make the sale since the month had been slow. They were not making a profit off of these cars. They were actually losing money all to make their quota. They hoped to make the quota because the bonus would make up for the money they lost on these sales.
At first, this didn’t make sense to me. The whole point would be to make a profit off the cars they sale and meet the quota for the bonus. After listening to the whole audio case, it started to make mor...

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