A Case Study Of The Case Of Padding Or Profit

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1280 words

A RESOLVEDD Analysis of the Case of “Padding or Profit” Step 1: Review This case arose when I went out of town on my first business trip. I have been a sales trainee for the last six weeks, and my supervisor felt it was time to send me out. I was lucky enough to get sent with the number one sales rep for the company, Vince Collier. I was excited because I knew that if I was going to learn the best ways to make a sale, it would be with Vince. I was assisting Vince in a deal with a new potential buyer. He offered a structured deal stating that he would authorize his company to pay a higher price, if we report selling the product for a lower price. I don’t want to get caught doing this, because I know it is unlawful. Vince reassured me it was not an uncommon deal, and that the product would still be going for a good price. We even had a solid plan on what to say in the event that people suspected us of doing such a thing. The buyer could get half the money, Vince and I could split the other half and no one would ever know. …show more content…

A deal with these sales representatives seems like a good idea, they’re experienced and have most likely been doing this for a while. But not only is it illegal, it is strongly against my better judgment. This case is greatly related “value judgment”. It clearly demonstrates an unethical value judgement for me to participate in this deal. It is highly illegal, and wrong for me to steal from my

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that their complication occurs with the decision to be involved in the deal and receive a cash bonus, or to disagree and respectively decline.
  • Explains that if they accept and take a part in the deal with vince and the potential buyer, or decline and respectfully turn down the offer, they might feel obligated to follow the principle of honesty and inform their boss in order to maintain trust and communication.
  • Opines that they could participate in the deal and make a few thousand dollars. they could also become wealthy over time. if they were charged, their family would suffer the sadness and embarrassment.
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