Improving The Quality Of Line Management Essay

Improving The Quality Of Line Management Essay

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the workforce. Thus, they will be properly skilled and prepared for their jobs. Consequently, performance is likely to increase and the employee will be able to work towards an internal promotion.

4.2.5 Improving the quality of line management

A company that invests in the improvement of the quality of line management will most likely result in the staff being more engaged with their work. Plus, the relationship between employees and managers ought to be positive, so as to avoid any dissatisfaction from both parties.

Moreover, companies that promote people into supervisory positions with adequate experience and training are very likely to perform well and act as capable supervisors. In addition to this, managers that show interest in their subordinates and do not impose their authority without first taking into account of their staff’s viewpoints are also very likely going to enhance employee engagement. Consequently, staff turnover is very likely going to decrease (Torrington, 2014, p.167).

Companies that want to improve the effectiveness of its supervisors can do the following:

1. Select individuals for line management roles based on an assessment of their managing skills.
2. Ensure that all newly appointed line managers are trained based on effective supervision.
3. Assess line managers on their supervisory skills on a regular basis.

4.3 Conclusion

Providing better terms and conditions of employment (job title, grade, rate of pay, hours of work and date of commencement of duties including continuous employment date) to employees than they could get by working for an alternative employer would most likely be the straightforward answer to the question of how to best retain employees. However, Torrington shows with his fi...

... middle of paper ...

...g that this approach is not used. From a general point of view, this approach is still not very efficient, as there are no clear agreements regarding the recruitment of students between PageGroup and the universities. Hence, PageGroup is not always present during career fairs, which leads to an irregular number of new potential PRC’s sourced from universities. Should PageGroup have clear agreements with the universities, it would also have the opportunity to connect with the alumni to increase its number of potential PRC’s.

Approach no.2:

PageGroup has a section in her website that allows individuals to apply for a position of consultant or intern. By submitting their application, PageGroup can assess the applications with minimal effort in headhunting. A screenshot of PageGroup’s careers webpage can be found in the Appendix B to have an idea of what it looks like.

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