HR And Management Case Study

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The HRM function is meant to align employee behavior and overall, choose how a firm will compete to achieve predetermined missions and goals. Both HR and management of any organization must agree and fully understand immediate and long term goals to make them possible. For example, ASI’s HR and management team work together and thoughtfully organize, use all resources, and strive to have able staff to follow through with all strategies. HR plays a crucial role in creating this organizational strategy, as well as working with management to best accomplish it. HR serves many purposes and these functions, along with how it works with management, to make the greatest impacts it can on the company as a whole.
How effectively management and the
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As both are linked to goal achievement, both HR and management can take part in the human element of business. HR typically handles strategies on recruiting, overseeing projects and promoting productivity. With the new ways of management, management can also take part in this and collaborate better with HR, with the company’s strategy in mind, to improve employee productivity, employee motivation and in turn, higher success and earnings of the company. As mentioned before, HR and management need to work together and simply have a common goal as to what they wish employees to be, and what they want to achieve with the tools they create and are given. Management and HR will again have different roles, as HR is meant to staff, management will give HR a better idea of what they want to see in employees, in turn working together to form a plan and execute it to the…show more content…
HR has to develop strong relationships with other departments and have a cohesive plan running to have any company do better down to the bottom line figures. For the most successful business, there needs to be cooperation between all parts of a company, HR most likely should facilitate this, and when it does, companies thrive. “By utilizing basic HR tools like business process redesign, organizational redesign, job redesign and competency model development, we were able to more effectively align our selling and support processes” (Hults, 2011). Basically, HR being involved in strategic planning efforts is a smart move. HR brings the business perspective while other departments (management, finance) are looking directly at numbers. HR knows people and how to enhance human capital and make the right personnel investments. When properly used, HR can have significant changes and positive results on and with a company due to its knowledge and existing capabilities. In order for HR to make significant contributions, as aforementioned, they need to be allowed to and be worked with by management to achieve common goals (Hults,
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