Importance Of Talent Management At Cisco

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What is Talent management?

Talent management is an evolving notion in corporations. The term is often used familiarly without any exact definition. Some people use talent management synonymously with human resource management but it represents something more than just a collection of existing HR processes.
Talent management has been used more narrowly either as a new term for an existing HR function or to focus on a select group of employees. The term talent management could include a long list of HR processes and components and cover only some, most, or all employees. Varied definitions are being used. Some definitions are very narrow and focus only on a single process or employee group—the “pivotal talent”, while other definitions are so broad and all inclusive that it is difficult to know what they intend to include.An …show more content…

With more than 68,000 representatives, it works together in 83 nations over 23 time zones. With such development rates, Cisco hopes to be a $50 billion organization in the following three to five years.
Three Pillars of Strategic Success of CISCO
Since Cisco was changing the guidelines of the diversion in the market place, it was needed to change the tenets of the game internally. A Three pillar strategy was actualized to accomplish the sought result.
Pillar One: Defining Collaborative Leadership with the C-LEAD Model
To viably change their initiative standard, the Cisco talent team leveraged collaborated technology to engage 200 pioneers around the globe in the making of the competency model.

Despite the fact that a percentage of the model was reliable with current contemplating fruitful business authority, three components one of a kind to the Cisco challenge developed: collaborate, accelerate, and disrupt which prompted their C-LEAD model, the first mainstay of strategic achievement.
Pillar Two: Executive and Leadership

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that management has to decide what exactly they consider as "talent". this creates a few choices and changes the design of the talent management model of organizations.
  • Explains that the center question in outlining talent frameworks is whether there is a predominant view in the association, and among the senior officials, about whether talent is something you are conceived with. these convictions can straightforwardly influence organizational decisions on whether to manufacture or purchase talent
  • Explains that some organizations have put a decent effort into recognizing and developing just high-potential talent, while others attempt to bring the talent level up in all positions by creating an extensive group of employees.
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