Essay on Improving Performance in 100 Meter Sprinter and Touch Football Player

Essay on Improving Performance in 100 Meter Sprinter and Touch Football Player

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In order to improve the sporting performance of a 100-meter sprinter and a touch football player, the athletes must train in specific ways. There are some similarities and some differences between the types of training and training methods that each athlete must take part in in order to improve their performance. Both athletes require strength, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic training in order to improve their performance, though the method and quantity of these training types must vary in relation to the requirements of either sprinting or touch football.

Although 100m sprinting and touch football are two very different activities, some of the types of training required to improve the performance of the athletes are similar. These types of training are strength training and flexibility training.

Strength training is important for the improvement in performance of both 100m sprinters and touch football players. It is essential in order to; reduce the chance of injury, build muscular endurance, and increase the amount of force that an individual’s muscles can exert. For example, in both 100m sprinting and touch football, isometric strength training is used in order to develop strength across a range of movements. This isometric training can work to increase the power in an athlete’s stride for example, which would increase the amount of force that the athlete can exert upon the ground. Newton’s third law implies that the more power an athlete exerts upon the ground, the further and faster they will be propelled forwards. The extra speed generated by this movement is essential in both 100m sprints and touch football. The muscular endurance that is improved as a result of this strength training allows the athlete to train at a ...

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...ergy systems, but also improve the required skills and specific demands of touch football.

In order to improve the performance of a touch football player and a 100m sprinter the athletes need to have a solid training schedule. Both athletes’ training schedules need to incorporate all four types of training; strength, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic. In order to improve the performance of a touch football player and a 100m sprinter the strength and flexibility training for both of these athletes should be very similar, whereas the aerobic and anaerobic training of each needs to be specific to the energy systems that are required throughout each sport/activity. The aerobic and anaerobic training of each athlete also needs to be specific to either touch football or sprinting in order to develop skills and specific demands that are required throughout each activity.

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