Libertarianism in the NFL

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Libertarianism in the NFL When you think of football you think of excitement or rooting for your favorite team. Unfortunately, we forget to realize the side effect of the helmet crashing hits. Football players endure a total of 1,500 hits to the head in one season which can cause one major problem: a concussion. We can imply that liberals stand for the rights of the people over the rights of the corporations. Four formal NFL players have sued the league and its helmet maker claiming they hid information about the dangers of brain injury. With that said from a libertarians perspective, NFL players should be informed about the dangers of brain injury from helmet making companies and should receive medical care for past, current and future NFL players. Football is a very violent sport. There is a lot of concern over the risks posed by hits that injure the head and potentially the brain. The players say they have suffered one or more brain injuries. They want the NFL and helmet maker, Riddell, to set up and pay for medical monitoring and treatment programs for all former, current and future NFL players. Liberals are big supporters of the respect for human dignity. In that case, the NFL tentatively agreed to pay $765 million to past players with health problems that can be caused by concussions. Although research and progress within the scientific and medical communities is understandably slow, the same could be said about the NFL's response to concussions and the dangers they pose to new research reveals new findings. However, some liberals believe that it has taken to long for the NFL to respond to the perceived crisis and its attempt to regulate the concussion treatments which could eventually lead to players ... ... middle of paper ... ...onal Safety, 57(7), 22. Olivia, S.M. (2012). The NFL is Not for Libertarians. Time, 123(4),17-25. Holland, J. (2013). NFL Concussion Deniers See a “Liberal Sports Media” Conspiracy. Plastics News, 25(27), 0004. Scibek, J. S., Gatti, J. M., & Mckenzie, J. I. (2012). Into the Red Zone. Journal of Athletic Training, 47(4), 428-434. Bergland, D. (2005). Libertarianism in One Lesson. Reason Papers, 33, 82-94. Foster, T. (2013). THE HELMET WARS. Popular Science, 282(1), 50-77. Graham, J., & Bonner, L. (2013). The Safety Helmet Success Story. Equus, (429), 34-45. Popke, M. (2012). Making Headlines. Athletic Business, 36(9), 21-26. Johnson, L. M. (2012). Return to Play Guidelines Cannot Solve the Football-Related Concussion Problem. Journal of School Health, 82(4), 180-185. Taylor, P. (2012). NFL, You have a problem. Sports illustrated, 117(14), 76.

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