The Effects of Overtraining

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Creative new training methods, developed by coaches, athletes and sport scientists, are aimed to help improve the quality and quantity of athletic training ( Kellmann, 2010, p.1). However, these methods have encountered a consistent set of barriers including overtraining ( Kellmann, 2010, p.1). Due to these barriers, the need for physical and mental recovery in athletics brought an increasing attention in practice and in research ( Kellmann, 2010, p.1). In order to fully understand the impact and effect of overtraining, defining and establishing the difference of what overtraining is from other conditions, such as overreaching, is necessary. Overtraining is defined as the accumulation of both training and non-training stresses producing a long-term effect on the athlete’s performance capacity, with or without physical and psychological overtraining signs and symptoms in which recovery of the performance capacity will take weeks to months (Halson, 2004 p. 969). Overreaching, however, is defined by the accumulation of training and non-training stresses with a short-term effect on the a...

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