Essay about The Importance of Virtual Interviews

Essay about The Importance of Virtual Interviews

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When my friend Kyle answered the phone, the person on the other end formally greeted him and asked if he was still available for the interview he scheduled. Kyle had forgotten about the interview, and was hanging out with his friends. So, he quickly answered a couple of questions before getting agitated that the interview was taking so long. Near the end of the interview, my friend Kyle disrespectfully asked if there were any more questions. You see, Kyle thought that phone interviews and virtual interviews were just a way to get to know the interviewee, not actually find out everything about them. Boy was he far from the truth.
Kyle told me about his experience, and that he didn’t want to work for a company that couldn’t even do interviews correctly. This experience made me realize that many people do not realize that “Technology has had a tremendous impact on how the world works, and job searches are no exception.” (McDonald) Listen carefully, as there is much to learn from Kyle’s mistake.
With a little bit of web surfing I was able to find out what the virtual interview is all about. Whereas Kyle believed that it was just a way to talk to the applicant, it is actually so much more. With today’s technology, employers are able to interview more potential applicants. This ability creates more demand and a more competitive environment. As such, you need to make sure you are prepared for phone interviews (Rigby). Kyle was surprised by the information we found, and decided to ask for a makeup interview with the company. Even more surprisingly, the company gave him a second chance, only this time the company wanted to use Skype in order to get a better feel for the interviewee. As Kyle prepared, he forgot that Skype would allow the...

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Obviously, rhetorical situations can be utilized in limitless fields of applications. Best of all, you have already analyzed the rhetorical situation within three different situations. We analyzed Kyle’s interview situation, and the situations in which the other two articles wish to solve. Take this knowledge, and use it to both work your interviews, and enhance your writing abilities.

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