Personal Experience: The Task Of Writing A Mock Interview

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The task of completing the mock interview was very insightful and yet nerve-wracking. This experience allowed me to learn a lot about how others and prospective employers may perceive me. In addition, I also learned a lot about myself. I took some time in advance to plan for the interview. I considered aspects such as when to arrive, what to wear and preparing a resume. This prior planning helped me to have a successful interview. The night before my interview prepared a couple of outfits that seems appropriate attire for an interview. My post-baby body has left me with limited options for apparel. I ended up wearing a pair of grey dress slacks, a black T-shirt that came to my neck and a cute sweater that was striped with different shades of grey and black. I 've become very concerned during interviews because of my body art. I always attempt to dress very conservatively and I always cover any tattoos or other body modifications. Styling my hair also proposed an issue because of my dreadlocks. There also seems to be a negative stigma associated with Caucasian styling of dreadlocks, therefore I chose to wear a black scarf that covered my hair in a sufficiently. I left myself ample amount of time to dress and arrive at the interview. I was nervous I was going to be unable to locate the Crew Center on such a large campus. However, I was able to…show more content…
But she also provided me with some ideas that I could use to continue to improving my skills such utilizing the star method and a job journal. Star is a acronym stands for situation or task, action and result. Another great idea concerned keeping a job journal throughout my clinical externship. I could review the journal shortly before an interview to help keep myself fresh on assignments and work experiences. Carrie also suggested that I asked more questions to determine if I would be satisfied with being employed with that

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