The Importance Of Taking Care Of My Body And Mental State During Pregnancy

The Importance Of Taking Care Of My Body And Mental State During Pregnancy

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Labor Induction In A New Light

Complications during pregnancy and labor with my third child, Brooklyn, persuaded me to be induced one week earlier than my due date. My experience has shown me the importance of taking care of my body and mental state during pregnancy. The positive impact early labor induction had on my mind and body during pregnancy has taught me a lot about life from a difficult pregnancy.

I never thought excessive weight gain would influence my mind and body. I gained 56 pounds, which caused me to have backaches that felt like someone was sticking sharp small needles in my back. Soon after came the swelling of my hands and feet that gave me varicose veins due to my weight putting pressure on my legs and feet. The worst part was the physical exhaustion that took over, and I never wanted to get out of bed to perform any activities. Unfortunately, due to the excessive weight gain, laying down gave me major heartburn; therefore, I had to prop up my pillow to even get comfortable while taking naps or sleeping at night. Sleeping halfway up was not comfortable at all, e...

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